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About Michael

Michael Levine is a singer-songwriter & music geek who loves to create & inspire.  

He is a prolific creator with 4 CDs as a singer songwriter and 6 CDs for children through his music & movement company The Learning Groove.  In the studio, he produced the music for the NY Times bestselling Pete The Cat picture books by Eric Litwin & James Dean.  In concert he moves effortlessly between heartfelt folk tunes, silly sing-alongs & just rockin' out, creating community and leaving his audiences inspired to learn & grow.  And don't forget the gadgets!  He uses iPads, iPods, foot pedals, screens, projectors, his guitar & percussion loops on stage while singing out loud or soft, telling musical stories and getting the crowd to join in together.  

The Learning Groove

"Mr. Michael" Levine is the co-founder of The Learning Groove music & movement company.  Created by Michael & author Eric Litwin, The Learning Groove has 6 CDs of interactive children's songs & stories, as well as a preschool music curriculum, online teacher training and a parent & child music class program used around the world.   

School Concerts & Keynotes

He also is the music producer of the NY Times bestselling Pete The Cat picture books by Eric Litwin and James Dean, as well as the new Nut Family books by Eric & Scott Magoon.  He regularly performs interactive stories & songs at concerts, workshops & keynotes throughout the nation, demonstrating how awesome interactivity can be for inspiring children to learn, while wowing his audience with his music production gadgetry and guitar. 

As a singer-songwriter, he has won many awards and has opened for such acts as Dave Matthews Band, Counting Crows, Live, Joe Walsh, and many more.  His songs "Gravity," "Over My Head" and "Breakdown" received extensive radio airplay.  Michael has released 4 singer-songwriter CDs.

In late 2010, Michael joined with singer & pianist Bonnie Puckett (now Bonnie Levine!) to form the duo Sunmoon Pie.  Together, they lead meditative Hebrew kirtan chanting and alternative Shabbat prayer services.

Michael's mission is to inspire people of all ages while exploring many musical art forms.  Be inspired!

Singer-Songwriter/ Folk-Rock Music

Spiritual Music

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