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Online Performances

(ages pre-K to 2nd grade, 3rd to 5th grade and teacher workshops/ keynotes)


During these difficult times of coronavirus, performers, teachers and students have to adapt to online learning.  Michael can adapt all of his performances into online interactive events. He uses high quality audio and video to perform live book readings and interactive songs and dances.

Performances can be hosted on Michael's account or on a school or organization's account.  They can also be public or private.


Performances are available through various streaming platforms:

  • Zoom or Google Meet: great for more interactivity of smaller groups.  Kids can interact by raising their hands or by using the chat window.

  • Facebook Live or Youtube Live: Great for larger groups and public events.  Kids and parents can interact by typing in the live comment stream.

  • Combinations: For instance, Zoom meetings can also be broadcast on Facebook Live.  This is great if there are a few presenters on Zoom while the main audience watches and sends text interactions on Facebook or Youtube live.

  • Other platforms:  Michael open to working with organizations who use other streaming/ meeting platforms.

Feel free to click to highlights at the following times:

  • 0:33 Hey Hey How Do You Do - welcome song

  • 4:21 Hokey Pokey and Happy & You Know It -interactive movement songs

  • 8:50 - Pete The Cat I Love My White Shoes - interactive book with singing

  • 15:15 Beep Beep (Blue Danube Waltz) interactive movement song

  • 20:40 Four Little Ducks video with interactive movements

  • 33:45 Sing When the Spirit Says Sing - interactive movement song

  • 38:51 Crocodile Shop - hand movements and kids choose foods to sing about

  • 42:55 Bye Bye We'll Miss You - goodbye song

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